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Vitamin B12 injections – why don’t Beceuty do these?

I have been asked a lot about this treatment lately and if we offer this and the answer is NO!

This is why….

Vitamin B12 is used by the body to help make red blood cells and the nervous system. The best source is from our food, such as eggs and meat. An oral supplement of B12 is generally safe and can be purchased quite easily at a low and fairly safe dose.

Vitamin B12 injections, also known as hydroxycobalamin, is a prescription only treatment, prescribed by a doctor or other medical practitioner, following a blood test to confirm deficiency.

Non-medics are now offering this as a fantastic booster and a beauty treatment,¬† when it’s actually a prescribed drug!

I would also question where they are getting this from without a prescription or getting  patients to have a blood test to confirm deficiency? Although Vitamin B12 injections are unlikely to be dangerous in themselves, administering them incorrectly without a follow-up and blood test to check levels is.

A B12 deficiency can be caused by other underlying health conditions, such as pernicious anaemia that may then be undetected if B12 is being administered as a ” beauty treatment”.

At Beceuty you will only see a qualified nurse practitioner who sees patients and treats such conditions daily with correct doses, follow-ups and because THEIR BODY ACTUALLY NEEDS THEM!

As I am a nurse, you will always be safe in my care and get the beat advice on all treatments based on years of medical experience and ongoing up to date knowledge. If you’re worried about signs of a B12 deficiency, please talk to your GP!