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Lip expectation vs reality!

More recently lip fillers have become very popular. Many people are looking for that “Kylie Jenner” look and, although larger lips can be achieved with makeup, it does not compare to lip filler.

If you are sitting at home contemplating lip filler because your lips don’t balance your face, or you want more volume, then fillers may be an option for you.

HOWEVER there are a few misconceptions about lip injections that you  should educate yourself about and understand before you make the jump.

Professional practitioners administering injections matter!

cosmetology-2520554_640It is important that you see a professional; a qualified practitioner who is trained with experience in facial aesthetics. Almost all the “botched” photos you will see are from untrained practitioners. It is important to look at their reviews and pictures so you can see the quality of their work, after all you want somebody who can create a perfect balance and the result that you wanted.

Results can vary

Every face is different. Some people may need less treatments than others and it is important to understand that you may not get the full result the first time around.

Every face reacts differently and you may get minimal swelling, you may not, you may get lumps, you may not, you may get unwanted lines or shape, you may not. Although every practitioner will do their best to give you the results you desire, this cannot always be achieved in one sitting and you may require further top ups or augmentation to “correct” the lips to achieve your goal.

It is also important to remember that your face may react differently each time you have injections. Just because you did not have any side effects from previous filler, does not men you won’t the next time.

Lip Injections are not permanent

Filler is often advertised as lasting 9- 12 months however, especially in the lip area, it is more realistic that it will last 6 months for most people. This is because the lips are mobile and vascular. You will always keep a better result if you get a filler top up before all the filler has dissolved completely.  Once you stop getting filler the lips will eventually go back to how they were prior to fillers. They will not suddenly “deflate” or look “saggy”

 Remember lip injections is not a “one size fits all” it is important to have a consultation prior to treatment to discuss your expectations and any concerns.

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